Safety Working Practice

Maintain Standard Procedures and Safe Working Practices


This unit covers the application of safe work practices and procedures in onshore/offshore drill rig installations. In many instances team responsibilities will be involved.
Performance Criteria

1.    Undertake rig safety checks before tour and discuss equipment problems with previous tour driller.
2.    Spot check maintenance procedures against plans, identify and rectify anomalies and maintain records.
3.    Conduct pre-tour Occupational Health and Safety meetings with team members.
4.    Communicate regulations and procedures for controlling work and hazards both on the rig floor and in camp accommodation areas to team members.
5.    Allocate employees' job responsibilities in accordance with regulations/company policies and within the bounds of their competence.
6.    Ensure team work rules are understood, applied and modelled by all crew members.
7.    Ensure regulations are obeyed by crew in line with statutory compliance.
8.    Constantly assess rig operators against regulations and policies.