Living Safely on Board


Commercial Ships:

  •            ·    The rules for commercial ships are different to those for recreational ships.
  •            ·    The blood alcohol limit for a skipper whilst in charge of a class 1 commercial ship is nil.
  •            ·    If you work after you consume alcohol, you may be a danger to yourself and your shipmates.
  •            ·    Do not drink alcohol before commencing duty on board.
  •            ·    Remember that maritime law requires watch keepers (anyone who is in charge of the safety of navigation of the vessel) to be alcohol free.


Personal Hygiene and Infectious diseases 

  •            ·    Working with numbers of people in closed spaces presents a risk of infection.
  •            ·    Always wash your hands after going to the toilet, or after doing plumbing or cleaning work in an around areas where there is sewerage,           especially before going to prepare food.
  •            ·    Poor hygiene may expose you to hepatitis. People who contract hepatitis are infectious to others for about a week.