Safety Rules for Stevedores

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General Safety Rules for Stevedores


  1. Do get to know the details of your job and ask when in doubt.
  2. Do carry out the instruction of your foreman and the hatch signalman.
  3. Do wear sensible clothes and safety shoes and helmets.
  4. Do stack cargo so that it is stable and steady.
  5. Do wear protective equipment when supplied.
  6. Do watch your step. There are many things on the ship you may trip over or bump against with.
  7. Do make sure all machinery is switched off before leaving it.
  8. Do observed safety regulations, for example "no smoking" signs.
  9. Do report all injuries or sickness to the foreman.
  10. Do use both hands when ascending and descending ladders.
  11. Don't fool around, this can cause injuries.
  12. Don't operate machinery without permission.
  13. Don't jump from the ship to the wharf, use the gangway.
  14. Don't walk across the hatchways, walk around them.
  15. Don't leave injuries unattended, get first aid to dress up wounds as soon as possible. Serious injury should admit to hospital for medical treatment immediately.
  16. Don't throw away any objects into or out of a ship's hatch.
  17. Don't enter into ship's hatch, tween deck or any compartment without the permission of the person in charge.
  18. Don't pass under or stand below a suspended load.
  19. Don't stand in the bight of a wire or rope.
  20. Don't allow a person influenced by alcohol or drugs to stay or work at cargo handling area.
  21. Don't lift or lower cargoes through a hatchway whilst any person is using a ladder in the hatch square close to the cargo handling operation area.
  22. Don't stand on travelling path of hoisted cargo, or stand between hoisted cargo and fixed object.