Heroic Stories

Led by Capt. Ely C. Sinoy , the crew of M/V “Daio Azalea” virtually put the Philippines in the world map anew and lived up to their reputation of being modern day heroes in eye of many Filipinos when they rescued who Italian sailors.
Capt. Ely C. Sinoy had a childhood dream of becoming a ship master one day. Born to farming parents, Capt Sinoy enrolled at the John B. Lacson College Foundation in 1994 where he took up course in B.S in Marine Transportation.

Arriving on the scene at dusk.,Capt. Sinoy and his Crew discovered that the sailing vessel had already sunk and the two crew members of Stella Cometa were adrift in a life raft amidst strong gale wind force 9 with very rough seas.

Overcoming the Challenge of the wind and seas and the onset of darkness, the crew of M/V Daio Azalea, under the command of Capt. Sinoy demonstrated exceptional seamanship in conducting the rescue of the two victims, who turned out to be brothers Guido and Riccardo Sassoli of Italy.

“It was October 14 at the port of Bermuda when something happened, where he made a heroic act that he never expected.”


It was a cold night in August 1978 when Boyet was born to Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Biclar, a native of Capiz. He was named Jennifer, but is fondly called by his family and relatives, Boyet. He grew up as a good kid since his parents nurtured him of moral values which motivated him to be a good person.

“On the early morning hours of Friday, February 27, 2004, 43 Marine Engineering students and 2 instructors of JBLCF-Molo, Inc., had their glimpse of a seafarer’s worst nightmare-tragedy at sea.”

A sea mishap shook the country and claimed the lives of 98 Filipinos and left 74 missing. Yet, the JBLCF-Molo students and faculty who were on board Superferry 14 overcame their fears and with the skills instilled in them by this institution, they survive the tragedy with only the traumatic memories left to haunt them. This is their story.