Drama on the High Seas as M/V "DAIO AZELA" rescues two

Written by  Capt. "Ely" and his heroic crew
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Arriving on the scene at dusk.,Capt. Sinoy and his Crew discovered that the sailing vessel had already sunk and the two crew members of Stella Cometa were adrift in a life raft amidst strong gale wind force 9 with very rough seas.

Overcoming the Challenge of the wind and seas and the onset of darkness, the crew of M/V Daio Azalea, under the command of Capt. Sinoy demonstrated exceptional seamanship in conducting the rescue of the two victims, who turned out to be brothers Guido and Riccardo Sassoli of Italy.


Finding the Two Italian sailors adrift in a life raft, the crew of M/V Daio Azalea immediately began operation. During the rescue, one of the sailors suffered a minor head injury that rendered him immobile for sometime. After almost four hours of battling 15 foot waves and gusting wind running over 40knots, M/V Daio Azalea successfully rescued the two Italian yachtsmen living up to the old and finest tradition of those who sailed the high seas- to render aid and assistance to mariners in distress. The two Italians survivors profusely thanked their rescuers afterward and in their own handwritten note said that “what you have done for us, we hope to have he possibility of doing something for each of you in the future. Yours smiles and happy faces, when we reached the deck of your vessel, we will never forget.” The survivors were then taken to the Izmit Port in Turkey where they were met by Italian authorities.

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M/V Daio Azalea, a 40, 300 gross tons Wood Chip Carrier of Panamanian registry, and managed by Taiyo Nippon Kisen Co.., Ltd., is fully manned by Filipino Crews from Ventis Maritime Corporation.


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